Chopped Snickers

Your DQOC will be offering Chopped Snickers again through your DQOC distributors starting in mid-July for the Snickers Family national promotion this August.  The Snickers Peanut Butter Pie Blizzard will also be included in the Fall/Winter Blizzard menu, so this item will remain available for purchase through April 2020. 

Strawberry Topping

Your DQOC is pleased to announce that final approval was received on the new 2019 Crown Select Strawberry Topping!  Your DQOC and topping supplier, Lyons Magnus will be moving away from the 30lb pails and into 6/6.5lb tubs for the Crown Select Strawberry Topping.  This packaging change is necessary to improve the quality of the Crown Select Strawberry Topping going forward.  Lyons Magnus will begin shipping the 2019 Strawberry Topping in the new 6/6.5lb tubs in late July to DQOC distributors once the remaining 30lb pail inventory is depleted.  The 2019 Crown Select strawberries look and taste terrific!  Make your choice Crown Select, you won't be disappointed.

Pineapple Topping

The DQOC is in the process of transitioning away from the current Crown Select Pineapple Topping to ADQ's new Pineapple Cubes in Heavy Syrup product.  Please note, the pack size will be changing to 6/#10 Cans.  As DQOC distributors deplete their remaining inventory of the current Crown Select Pineapple Topping, they will automatically transition to the new Pineapple Cubes in Heavy Syrup product going forward.

Large Napkin Substitution

The DQOC's napkin supplier, Clearwater Paper will temporarily be substituting for the Crown Select 12x17 inch Large Napkin (item #32014) with the Clearwater 12x13 inch Large Napkin (item #32016) until September 2019. Due to capacity issues for the 12x17 napkin size during the busy summer months, this substitution will be necessary effective immediately. Stores will start to receive this new napkin as soon as mid-June from DQOC distributors. Please note, this new 12x13 napkin size is folded to the same size as the current 12x17 Large Napkin, so there should be no issue in continuing to utilize your current napkin dispensers. Should you have questions, please contact the DQOC at 952-556-5511 or dqoa@dqoa-dqoc.com.

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