Reese's Pieces

Your DQOC is pleased to announce that we have received final approval on chopped Reese’s Pieces manufactured by Tarrier Foods and Glass City Food Services. The Reese’s Outrageous Blizzard will be nationally promoted and featured as the Blizzard of the Month in August. It will also be added to the upcoming LTO Winter Blizzard menu starting in September and running through March 2019. The chopped Reese’s Pieces have started shipping to DQOC distributors. Please contact your DQOC distributor if you are interested in purchasing this new product.

Paper Cup Design

The DQOC is in the process of transitioning to the new “Blizzard” artwork on the paper cups. You will start to see these new paper cup designs once your DQOC distributor depletes their current “Fan Food” and “Jurassic World” paper cup inventories.

Pineapple topping

ADQ has made an announcement that they are moving to a new pineapple topping this year. The DQOC will continue to offer the current Crown Select RTU Pineapple Topping in a Pouch through the remainder of 2018. The DQOC will be required to stop offering this item at the end of 2018 and move to the new pineapple topping. The DQOC is reviewing supplier options to produce this new pineapple topping for our members. More details will be coming later this year.

Sandwich Wrap Supplier

The DQOC is working with a new sandwich wrap and basket liner supplier. They are in the final steps of the DQ product approval process. We anticipate final approval later this summer on the 3 DQ sandwich wraps and DQ basket liner. Once final approval has been granted, we will make these new items available for purchase through our DQOC distributors. More details to come!

Discounted Treat Dishes

In an effort to move through the remaining inventory of Crown Select Treat Dishes, DQOC distributors will be providing a deep discount on these plastic treat dishes while supplies last. The DQOC is continuing to review supplier options and investment costs needed to produce this new DQ Ellipse Dish for our members. More details will be coming later this year.


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