Mini Collar

We are pleased to announce that the Crown Select Mini Shake Collars have been approved for the DQ system!  This new item completes the DQOC mini set (cup, lid and collar).  It's a high quality product at a competitive price.  The DQOC supplier, Maui Cup will begin shipping this new product to DQOC distributors next month. 

All Meat Hot Dog

The DQOC hot dog supplier, Sugardale Foods will be making the transition to the All Meat Hot Dogs soon.  Once final approval has been granted, Sugardale Foods will begin shipping this new Crown Select item to DQOC distributors and the current All Beef Hot Dogs will be discontinued.


The DQOC is pleased to announce we have partnered with 1-800-Got-Junk. Consider calling them if you are looking to remove old equipment or appliances like display freezers, fryers and ice cream machines. They also offer bulk pickups if you are doing a store remodel or store closure. Same day emergency relief services are available to most areas as well. No project is too large! For more details on what they can offer, check out their ad below or visit their website at www.1800gotjunk.com.

Not only is your DQOC partnering with the best junk removal service company in the world, we are also offering discounted pricing! Our national DQ program offers a 5% discount, plus DQOA members will earn dividends on this newly endorsed national program. If you are interested in getting a free on -site quote, contact their 24/7 call center by dialing 1-800-468-5865 to schedule an appointment. When calling-in make sure you identify yourself as a Dairy Queen store and provide them with the following promo code: “DairyQueen5” to receive your 5% discount. If you have any questions regarding this newly endorsed program, please feel free to contact the DQOC.

GOTG2 Paper Cups

The Dairy Queen system will be participating in a movie tie-in with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2 coming to theaters in May 2017.  New LTO paper cup designs will be advertised and used in store during Q2 2017.  The DQOC and your paper cup supplier, Maui Cup are pleased to announce we will be offering these special LTO paper cups starting in April to the DQOC distributors.  All 5 cup sizes will be used and each will have between 6-7 unique images.  The new cups will start shipping to distributors the week of April 3rd. 

Bacon Strip Change

ADQ Corp is making a change to bacon strips that will take effect within the next few months. They have decided to go with a new applewood smoked bacon strip. The DQOC bacon supplier, Sugardale Foods is currently working through the DQ product approval process on this new Crown Select item. Please look for further announcements as to when this changeover will occur. When that time comes, the current Crown Select Bacon Strips will be discontinued.


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