Reese's Pieces

The DQOC received final approval on chopped Reese’s Pieces by Tarrier Foods! Reese’s Pieces will be used in the upcoming Reese’s Extreme Blizzard promotion in August. The product will also be used in the Reese’s Pieces Cookie Dough Blizzard that will be featured on the upcoming Fall Blizzard Menu that will run through Q1 2022. This new product is now available for purchase at DQOC distributors. Please contact your DQOC distributor if you are interested in purchasing this item. It will be offered at a competitive price, plus DQOA members will earn a Dividend!

Temporary Supply Chain Disruptions

As the economy continues to fully reopen, there has been an ever growing demand for takeout products and packaging items within the foodservice industry. The DQOC is working with our suppliers and distributors to mitigate the supply chain disruptions during these challenging times. Should you have any questions or concerns on product availability, please contact your DQOC distributor or the DQOC office at dqoc@dqoa-dqoc.com or 952-556-5511.

New DQOA Partner, Kaivac

The DQOA is happy to announce Kaivac® as a new endorsed supply partner. The partnership was created after several Dairy Queen operators found success with the Kaivac’s UniVac®. This cleaning system offers a simple and easy approach to cleaner, safer facilities.

Visit kaivac.comfor more information on the UniVac®, or contact the Kaivac Key Account department at keyaccounts@kaivac.com to place an order.

Click here for Univac flyer

Takeout Boxes

The demand for SBS paperboard, which is used to make the DQ takeout boxes has significantly increased in the foodservice industry. The paperboard market has tightened up and is causing delays in raw material shipments to manufacturers as well. The DQOC supplier, Southern Champion Tray is working through these challenges, but continued tight supply for these items is expected.

Sliced American Cheese

The DQOC sliced American cheese supplier is experiencing a labor shortage at the Wisconsin facility that produces the Crown Select Sliced American Cheese. The DQOC is allocating product to DQOC distributors at this time. The DQOC supplier, Associated Milk Producers Inc. (AMPI) is working through these labor challenges, but continued tight supply for this item is expected.

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