Stackburger Items

This is a friendly reminder that your DQOC distributors have the new Crown Select Seasoned 6:1 Beef Patty and Glazed Plain Top Bun in stock and available for purchase. Please reach out to your DQOC distributor for further product and pricing details. These new DQOC products are competitively priced and DQOA members will earn a Dividend!

Supply Disruptions

Crown Select Hot Dog Buns from Klosterman Baking are now available at DQOC distributors once again. Due to ongoing supply chain challenges, the DQOC plastic cake dome and plastic cup suppliers are temporarily unable to produce these DQ approved products. We will keep you informed on when these situations turn around. Thank you for your patience.

Product Changes

ADQ is in the process of eliminating DQ SKUs from the Dairy Queen system. Some of these changes will affect what your DQOC distributors will be able to offer going forward. At this time, your DQOC distributors will be depleting their remaining inventory of the below items as they will no longer be approved for the DQ system in the near future. Please continue purchasing these items from your DQOC distributor while supplies last.

Additionally, due to recent DQ menu changes, the Tarrier Foods Chopped Reese’s Pieces will be removed from the DQOC supply chain. DQOC distributors have limited inventory remaining of this item.

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