Temporary Supply Chain Disruptions

As the economy continues to fully reopen, there has been an ever growing demand for takeout products and packaging items within the foodservice industry. The DQOC is working with our suppliers and distributors to mitigate the supply chain disruptions during these challenging times. Should you have any questions or concerns on product availability, please contact your DQOC distributor or the DQOC office at dqoc@dqoa-dqoc.com or 952-556-5511.

Ketchup Packets
Due to increased demand for ketchup packets within the foodservice industry, there is a temporary shortage for this item. There is currently limited inventory of ketchup packets manufactured by Red Gold at DQOC distributors.

Takeout Boxes and Fry Tubs
The demand for SBS paperboard, which is used to make the DQ takeout boxes and fry tubs has significantly increased in the foodservice industry. The paperboard market has tightened up and is causing delays in raw material shipments to manufacturers as well. The DQOC supplier, Southern Champion Tray is working through these challenges, but continued tight supply for these items is expected.

Pineapple Cubes
Due to delayed oversea shipments of pineapple cubes, the DQOC supplier, Lyons Magnus has limited inventory as this time. Some DQOC distributors may temporarily run out of inventory. Additional product will start shipping to DQOC distributors very soon.

Toasted Coconut
There is a national shortage on coconut. The DQOC supplier, Tarrier Foods is not expected to receive additional raw material necessary to produce the Crown Select Toasted Coconut until June. This item is only stocked in select DQOC

DQOC Napkins

Your DQOC is pleased to announce Small and Large Napkins manufactured by Kimberly-Clark Corp. have been approved for use in the Dairy Queen System! These Scott branded napkins are the same sizes as what DQOC previously offered, but at better prices! Plus DQOA members will earn a Dividend.  Please contact your DQOC distributor if you are interested in purchasing these new items. If you need napkin dispensers, please contact IRD at (800) 786-6691.

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