DQOC Endorsed Products and Services

Below are products currently endorsed by the DQOC. Check out our New Products & Promotions and see what products are Coming Soon to a distributor near you. Unless noted, these endorsed vendors participate in the DQOC annual patronage dividend.

Some of the DQOC products are branded with the Crown Select logo, which identifies it as a select franchisee (DQOC product).


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Arctic Rush Base & Flavors
By Kosto Food Products Co.
Winston Boyd (847) 487-2600

Cake Circles & Pads
By Honeymoon Paper Products, Inc.
Brad Kolter (574) 780-0786

By Tarrier Foods
Tim Tarrier (614) 876-8595

By Glass City Food Services, Inc.
Rick Jackson (800) 526-8845

By BoDeans Cone Co.
Ed Lee (866) 263-3267

Cups- Paper & Plastic/Lids
By Maui Cup Company/Letica Corp.
Glenn Wiechman (773) 532-9338

Malted Milk Powder
By Kosto Food Products Co.
Scot Colby (847) 487-2600

By Clearwater Paper Corp
Bob Duffy (770) 407-2197

By Hillson Nut Company
Richard Hillson (800) 333-2818

By Tarrier Foods
Tim Tarrier (614) 876-8595

Plastic Sundae Cups/Dishes
By Fabri-Kal
Anne Marie Guba (317) 996-2011

By Custom Packaging Company, Inc.
Matt Shane (502) 966-3937

By Best Diamond Plastics
Jim Barker (630) 427-6117

Toppings & Strawberries
By Lyons Magnus
Brad Kirk (800) 344-7130

Whipped Topping (Aerosol Non-Dairy)
By Alamance Foods, Inc.
Jeff Parker (863) 838-4111


Bacon Strips
By Sugardale Food Service
Mike Furr (800) 860-3053

By Klosterman Baking Co.
Shawn Higgins (614) 230-7393

Cheese - Shredded Cheddar & Sliced American
By A.M.P.I.
Matt Senske (800) 533-3580

Cheese - Sliced Swiss
By Sargento
David Kist (800) 558-5802

By Perdue Farms
Susan Downey (207) 317-0625

Filters, Shortening Filters
By Gycor
David Rogers (800) 772-0660

French Fry
By Cavendish Farms
Josh Gibbs (440) 554-6050

By Shawnee Milling Co.
Bert Humphreys (405) 273-7000

Hamburger Patties
By Schenk
Karl Lenz (425) 742-9757

Hot Dogs
By Sugardale Food Service
Mike Furr (800) 860-3053

By Red Gold LLC
Don Grimm (817) 581-6624

By Fry Foods
Vince Scognamiglio (800) 626-2294

Oil (Heavy Duty Frying Oil)
By Stratas Foods
Angela Pumo (708) 369-3370

Onion Rings
By Fry Foods
Vince Scognamiglio (800) 626-2294

Paper Bags
By AJM Packaging Corp
Mike Stanley (414) 639-0630

Paper Packaging (DQBakes!)
By Maui Cup Company/Letica Corp.
Glenn Wiechman (773) 532-9338

Paper Packaging
By Southern Champion Tray
Stokes Smith (423) 643-4171

Pickles and Relish
By Kaiser Pickles, LLC
Bob Kaiser (513) 621-2053

8" Tortilla
By La Chiquita Tortilla Manufacturer
Mildred McCreary (404) 351-9822

Uniforms, Equipment, & Services

By BPS Products, Inc.
Jim Paulin (800) 272-8546

Chemical Cleaning Program
By Cintas
Naomi Dahl (763) 391-5286

Chemical Cleaning Program
By Diversey Inc.
David Hammell (562) 335-9158

Cintas Facilities Rental Program
By Cintas
Naomi Dahl (763) 391-5286

Cintas Professional Services
By Cintas
Naomi Dahl (763) 391-5286

Business Insurance Program
By BB&T Insurance Services
(888) 780-8053
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Electronic Point of Sale Program
By Retail Data Systems
Dwayne Van Wyhe (952) 934-4001

IRD (International Restaurant Distributors)
Mike Schutz (800) 786-6691

Junk Removal
Holt Winters (604) 909-3609

By Tundra Restaurant Supply
Customer Service (800) 447-4941

Pest Control
By Orkin
John Madison (614) 620-0566
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Carousel Travel
(800) 800-6508
Bobbie Mock (612) 798-1441

By Business Impact Group
Shannon Klick (888) 834-3220

Non-Dividend Vendors

Sunbelt Business Brokers
Terry Kelm (888) 484-0332

Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group
Dennis Eastman (402) 426-5216