Member Referral Incentive Program

For a half century DQOA has been providing information, resources and membership services to Dairy Queen Franchisees. In order for the DQOA to be an effective advocate for DQ franchisees, the association must continue to grow. Hundreds of new Franchisees have entered the DQ business in recent years, each of them with a common purpose, to be successful Dairy Queen Franchisees. They need to hear why DQOA is important to their business and we believe the most effective way to reach them is through you!

Become an ambassador for the DQOA. You have witnessed the benefits of membership firsthand. We are asking members to reach out to DQ franchisees in your area that are not currently DQOA members and share your DQOA/DQOC experience. Explain why you became a member, what the association and cooperative have meant to you along with the reasons you remain a member today. Start a discussion, educate your fellow franchisees, become a resource for them, build trust, generate enthusiasm and lead these potential members to the DQOA. For every new member you sign up, DQOA will reward you with $250 or $300 (dependent on the membership rate paid).

Members, please make a commitment to refer and sign up one DQ franchisee in the DQOA this year. Together we can double the DQOA membership in 2022. The greater the number of members, the stronger your collective voice becomes!

Program Details

Current Paid Member– Member that has paid 2022 membership dues.

New Member- A Dairy Queen owner of one or more stores that was not a full or partial paid member in 2018 , 2019, 2020 or 2021 and has paid membership dues by September 1, 2022.

Referral Incentive- Check issued to the Current Paid Member of record in the amount of $250 or $300 (dependent on membership rate paid) for each paid New Member referral (regardless of number of stores owned), after verification. Referral incentive will only be issued to the Current Member name and address on record. Allow 30 days for the check to be issued, once the New Member has joined.

Referral offer ends September 1, 2022.

Current Paid Member will complete Referral Form and send to the DQOA office and will be verified with the New Member’s application form.

Only one Current Paid Member can receive the referral incentive for a particular New Member.

There is no limit to the number of New Member referral incentives that a Current Paid Member can earn.

Current Paid Members may not refer their own store(s).

If you have received a referral check previously for a particular member, you cannot receive another for referring the same member.