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1971   International Federation of Store Owners Association (IFSOA) was founded by franchisees.

1980   Association changed name to Dairy Queen Operators' Association.

1980-1991   Franchisees worked on many issues with ADQ that caused favorable results for the Dairy Queen franchisees. Most notable were changes to franchise agreements upon sale or transfer that had significant favorable impact to the DQ franchisee.

1991   DQOA Board of Directors concerned with the common issue of rising cost of goods and reduced DQ franchisee profitability determined that there were cost of goods savings to be realized. The Board was committed to forming a Dairy Queen Operators' Cooperative (DQOC) so that operators would have an alternative source of products that were ADQ approved and/or met ADQ specifications.

1991   DQOC was formed. Former IDQ President, Harris Cooper, was hired to head its management team.

1991   Crown Select logo was established to identify franchisee (DQOC) products.

1992   The DQOA franchise members, board of directors and staff are committed to work for the benefit of the franchisees.

1994   Collins Litigation - A group of franchisees in Georgia filed a class action litigation to protect their contractual rights to purchase products, goods and services from alternative sources of supply. The litigation was filed because ADQ would not provide the standards and specifications for products to alternate suppliers at the request of the franchisees.

2000   Collins Settlement Agreement - The Collins Settlement reaffirmed the franchisees’ rights to purchase approved products from alternative sources. The Dairy Queen Operators’ Cooperative is recognized as the sourcing agent working on behalf of the franchisees.

2002   DQOA opened the Crown Select Cone Company.

2003   DQOA insists on receiving timely and accurate product specifications.

2005   DQOA addresses ADQ’s use of sole source language in new Grill & Chill agreements.

2006   DQOA challenges ADQ’s A and B Distributor Purchasing Programs.

2006   Illinois Litigation – addressed issues surrounding Grill & Chill Conversion, Store Transfer Requirements, Hot Shot, Credit Cards, Hot Dogs, Cakes.

2008   Michigan Litigation dealt with Forced Modernization.

2010   DQOA representative begins attending all FAC meetings.

2011   DQOA negotiates favorable franchisee terms to the Manager Development Program with ADQ.

2013   ADQ and DQOA settle issue of ADQ’s inappropriate Flexing of advertising contributions.

2013   DQOA begins movement to assist ADQ in addressing menu management to deal with the increasing and complicated menu.

2017   DQOA conducts reviews of Franchise Agreement, advocates for franchisee-friendly changes.