Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a member?

Easy! Complete the membership application and W-9 form, which are available below or can be faxed or mailed to you.

Online Membership Application
Print Membership application
Print W-9 form (Please complete one W-9 form per store owned).

Fax or mail all forms to the DQOA office.
The membership fees can be paid by check or credit card. The current dues rate is listed on the membership application. Credit card payments can be made online, over the phone or via fax. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the DQOA office.

I own more than one store and would like to become a member.

You must fill out a separate W-9 form for each store owned. If any of your stores have different Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) you will have to fill out a membership application for each different TIN. You will need to pay dues for each store owned. The current dues rate is located on the membership application. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the DQOA office.

I'd like to join the DQOA but I am concerned as to who has access to my membership information and what it will be used for?

Your membership information is confidential and is only utilized by the DQOA for record keeping purposes. The DQOA does not provide membership information to ADQ or sell contact information.

Do you provide lists of members in my area?

No. All membership information is considered confidential. If you are interested in working with other franchisees in your area contact your state association or the Board of Directors for your region.

I received an invoice for membership. Do I need to pay now?

We send several statements throughout the year beginning in October of the preceding year. (i.e. Statements for 2021 were first mailed in December of 2020.) Pay when it is convenient for you. All membership dues must be received by September 1st of the year to be eligible for dividends.

My mailing address or name is incorrect on my mailing.

Please phone, fax, or mail the correction to the DQOA office and we will change it immediately.

I would like to place an advertisement in the BottomLine newsletter.

Please print and fill out the form below or contact the DQOA office to request a mailed or faxed copy.
Bottom Line Ad Form

Once completed you can mail or fax your ad to the DQOA office. You will be billed after the ad is published.


What is the DQOC and why does it exist?

Please visit the About Us DQOC page.

Are DQOC endorsed products the same quality as ADQ endorsed products?

Yes. Before the DQOC can endorse a product it must be approved by ADQ. Our products meet or exceed ADQ specifications.

Which products does the DQOC endorse?

Please visit our products page for a full list of DQOC endorsed products and services.

Where can I purchase DQOC endorsed products and services?

DQOC endorsed products are made available through our DQOC endorsed distributors. Please visit our endorsed distributors page to see if one services your area. The DQOC also endorses services and programs such as equipment, parts, insurance and more which are available to all franchisees and can be found on our products page.

Is there a DQOC endorsed distributor in my area?

You can view our endorsed distributor's service areas on our distributors page.

There is not a DQOC endorsed distributor in my area. What do I do?

In some areas there are not enough stores or franchisee support to garner the interest of a distributor. It is up to the franchisees to show enough support to establish an endorsed distributor. If this is not possible franchisees can still take advantage of DQOC endorsed services and programs.

Do I have to be a member of the DQOA to purchase DQOC endorsed products?

No, but in order to be eligible for dividends you must be a DQOA/DQOC or Platinum member of the DQOA.

How does the DQOC track my purchases?

All purchases of DQOC endorsed products and services are reported to the DQOC by our endorsed distributors and service providers.

What are dividends?

Dividends are monies paid out to DQOA members who purchase DQOC endorsed products and services during the calendar year.

How do I earn dividends?

In order to be eligible to receive dividends you must be a paid DQOA/DQOC or Platinum member of the DQOA. Then all you have to do is purchase DQOC endorsed products and services.

Can you estimate what my dividend will be?

No. The process used to calculate dividends is a bit complicated and depends on variables that change year to year like which members bought which products and how much. For these reasons it is not possible to accurately estimate a member's dividend amount.

When will I receive my dividend check?

Dividends for members are paid April 15th each year. Dividends are based on January 1st through December 31st purchases of the previous year. For example the dividend check for purchases made January through December 2020 would be paid out in April 2021.

I own more than one store, why did I receive only one check?

If your stores are under one company name and/or federal tax ID number they are processed under one member account and receive one dividend check. Each tax ID number receives its own check.

I became a member part way through the year but have been purchasing DQOC endorsed products all year. Will the purchases made before I became a member be eligible for dividends?

Yes! Any purchases made during the calendar year will be eligible for dividends as long as dues are received before the cutoff date which is typically September 1st.

I sold my store part way through the year. Who gets the dividend?

The dividend will be mailed to the last paid member on record. Dividends cannot be split or pro-rated. If the buyer and seller wish to split this income, that is between the two parties.

I received an IRS tax form 1099-PATR in the mail. What is this for?

The IRS Form 1099-PATR reports any dividend that was paid last year.