State Associations

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State Association Map Arizona DQOA Iowa DQOA Minnesota DQOA Wisconsin Store Owners Association Michigan DQOA Heartland DQOA South Eastern Store Owners Association Indiana DQOA North Eastern Store Owners Association


Heartland DQOA - Franchisees of Illinois & Missouri

Board Members

  • Angela Grindstaff - President
  • Kenny Patel - Treasurer
  • Leigh Marshall - Secretary


Board Members

  • Steve Sarcone
  • Jim Sperr
  • Janet Duncan
  • Bart Warford
  • Roger Fogarty

Indiana DQOA

2024 Convention


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Visit the INDQOA Website

Board Members

  • Joe Napier - President
  • Ron Moser - Vice President
  • Jennifer VanMieghem- Treasurer
  • Jaime Napier - Secretary
  • Taylor Napier
  • David Sweet

Michigan DQOA

2024 Convention

February 4-6, 2024
Hotel H, Midland, MI
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Board Members

  • Matthew Daoud - President
  • Ryan Ignasiak - Vice President
  • Mary Jo Buschbacher - Secretary
  • Sara Esparza - Treasurer
  • Autumn Daoud
  • Andrew Sprinkle
  • Shauna Jennings
  • Brent Roberts- Alternate
  • Garrett Ignasiak
  • George Jennings
  • Ken Dick- Alternate

Minnesota DQOA

North Eastern Store Owners Association

Franchisees of West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland & Pennsylvania

For contact and convention information, newsletters and much more visit NESO's website.

South Eastern Store Owners Association

Franchisees of Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi & Tennessee

2024 Convention

February 25-27, 2024
Charleston, SC
Contact: Joyce Perrine 864-650-6305

Visit SESOA's website

Board Members

Scott Geeser, President
Taylor Merrill, Vice President
Leo James, Secretary/Treasurer
Joyce Perrine, Executive Director
Kenneth Abernathy
Allan Groves
Jeff Groves
Tom Lord
Joe Moser
Bill Ramsey
James Randall
Ben Robinette
Donna Shortridge
Scott Shortridge
John Sims
Vic Tobler
Frank Walters
Richard Walters

Wisconsin Store Owners Association

Great Plains DQ Convention