Member Referral Incentive Program

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Program Details

1New Member - A Dairy Queen owner of one or more stores that was not a full or partial paid member for the 2022 or 2023 membership years and has paid membership dues by September 1, 2024.

Referring Member
- Current member that has paid 2024 dues by Sept. 1, 2024.

2Referral Incentive - One referral check issued to the Referring Member for each New Member referral (regardless of the number of stores owned by New Member), not to exceed the amount of Regular membership dues paid. Referral incentive will only be issued to the Referring Member name and address on record. Allow 30 days for the check to be issued, once the New Member has joined and verification has been completed.

Referring Member must complete Referral Form and send to the DQOA office, and will be verified with the New Member’s application form.

If you have received a referral check previously for a particular member, you cannot receive another for referring the same member. Referring Members may not refer their own store(s). Only one Referring Member can receive the referral incentive for a particular New Member.

3Platinum Upgrade - Platinum upgrade will be applied to one store. If you own more than one store, you may choose which one to apply it to, or you may gift it to the same New Member you referred. If you already paid for Platinum membership for 2024, you have the option to apply the free upgrade to 2025 or you may gift it to the same New Member you referred for 2024.

Legal services are only valid January to December of the membership year in which the free upgrade was applied. Unused services cannot be carried over to a subsequent membership year. Platinum Members must contact the DQOA office for authorization prior to contacting Dady & Gardner. Requests for service must be DQ specific and limited on a per store basis. Any fees accrued beyond one hour are the responsibility of the franchisee. First hour billed to DQOA. Additional terms of payment to be determined by Dady & Gardner.

Additional Details - Referring Members may earn multiple referral checks for additional New Members referred, but will only receive one Platinum upgrade regardless of the number of New Members referred. 2024 referral offer ends December 31, 2024.