Free Product Incentive Program

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One of the many benefits offered through the DQOA is the management of an effective purchasing cooperative, which enables Franchisees to purchase approved DQ products from an alternative source.

In 1991 members of the DQOA formed a buying cooperative (DQOC) to create competition within the DQ supply chain and reduce costs of goods. At the time, ADQ was the sole source of supply of approved products and distribution. This resulted in inflated margins on ADQ products and franchisees were realizing continued significant increases in cost of goods. Throughout the last 30+ years, DQOC has been successful in introducing products and programs at significantly lower prices, forcing ADQ to become more competitive with its supply chain. The result has meant a reduction in cost of goods from over 40% in the early 1990’s to approximately 30% today. Competition amongst suppliers and distributors has proven to be a tremendous advantage for Franchisee profitability.

With the support of the DQOC supplier and distributor partners, DQOA has developed a new member purchasing incentive designed to showcase the benefits of having an alternative source of product and distribution available to Dairy Queen Franchisees. For a limited time, new DQOA members will receive a bundle of select DQOC products from your DQOC distributor, free of charge. See program details below.

In order for the DQOC to remain effective, DQ franchisees must continue to support the effort. Please take advantage of the offer and give the products a chance. DQOA/DQOC is confident you will be more than satisfied with the quality of the products and services.
Dairy Queen Franchisees all have a common purpose, to operate a successful DQ business and make money. This truly is a great opportunity for new DQOA members and we strongly encourage you to take advantage!

Program Details

*New Member - A Dairy Queen owner of one or more stores that was not a full or partial paid member in 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2021 and has paid 2022 dues by September 1, 2022.

**Free Product - Pre-determined list of products based on Food Store or Treat Only Store, valued at $300 to be delivered by participating DQOC distributor free of charge.

Alternate Offer available only if New Member store falls outside of the DQOC distribution area or is in a non participating distributor area. A $250 or $300 check (dependent on the join date/membership rate paid) will be issued to the New Member once one of the following qualifying events of your choice have been completed: 1) Obtain a business insurance quote from McGriff Insurance Services; 2) Make a purchase at International Restaurant Distributor after your join date; or 3) Accept a delivery from Cintas after your join date. Please send proof of the qualifying event directly to the DQOC office.

Free Product Incentive/Alternate Offer ends September 1, 2022.

New Members are advised that per the Bylaws of the DQOA/DQOC, all stores owned must pay membership dues by September 1, 2022 in order to participate in the DQOC dividend program.

DQOA will arrange to get you in contact with your DQOC distributor partner to take advantage of the free bundle of DQOC approved products. An account must be set up prior to product delivery.

One Free Product/Alternate Offer per paid New Member store.

Treat Only Store- Straight DQ, Treat Center, DQ/OJ, Non System Foods, Limited Brazier

Food Store- Brazier, Grill & Chill

No substitutions will be allowed.

If you have previously received free product or an alternative offer check, you are not eligible.